Profile’s Outreach Philosophy

Public Engagement & Outreach Strategy

The Profile Outreach Philosophy takes a highly strategic approach to all public engagement and outreach activities to effectively educate populations through a multilayered tactical method. With a proven track record of success and nimbleness to adapt to technological changes and evolving community needs, Profile has differentiated itself as a market leader in delivering inclusive, innovative and impactful outreach and engagement efforts that include:
  • Canvassing & Outreach Events
  • Message & Collateral Creation
  • Customer Surveys & Focus Groups
  • Message Amplification & Media Placement

Grassroots to Grasstops Engagement

Profile’s “grassroots to grasstops” engagement approach provides multiple touchpoints to communities, enlists the support of trusted area organizations, coordinates with local governments, and leverages outside relationships to help share important messages as well as receive critical feedback for important projects and activities.

Demographic Analysis

A comprehensive demographic analysis is launched to better understand the people, neighborhoods, businesses and stakeholders within the targeted or impacted areas. Profile tailors each engagement strategy to utilize inclusive tactics to ensure access to information for vulnerable populations through data-driven research. Profile also has considerable experience with various federal mandates including Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Americans with Disabilities Act.

Multicultural Outreach and Vulnerable Populations

Profile specializes in launching effective strategies to engage multicultural and vulnerable populations through impactful high-touch, high-visibility campaigns that are grounded by proven tactics and supported by data-driven results.

Low-income communities

Individuals with disabilities

Minority populations


LEP neighborhoods

Transit-dependent households

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